About us

Established in 2000, Dragon is the General Sales and Service Agent for airline companies in Greater China & Asian markets, assisting the airlines to demonstrate their valuable market share in the logistics industry. Our esteemed airlines clients are offered comprehensive services by our localized distribution channels and professional operation management.

For 20+years, Dragon has been sparing no effort to offer our customers and freight forwarders with the highest service standard services. Dragon has established long term and in-depth relationships with top airline company networks in Asia. As a strong and financially sound GSSA partner, Dragon is able to provide value added service for airlines in terms of revenue, first-leg airline network coverage and experienced personnel who comprehend needs between Airline and its forwarding clients especially since the outbreak of COVID-19. 

As for IT, Dragon continues to invest significantly in IT & market digitalisation, strengthening user-friendly interface on online booking, revenue accounting, trucking management, tracking, etc.. Our esteem airline customers worldwide can make the most of our comprehensive services of Dragon, with customized solution to meet specific requirements.